Job profile Plastic Manufacturer

Short description:
Plastic Manufactures process plastic granules (raw materials) in modern plastic machines into a wide variety of plastic products. They produce foils with large extrusion systems. Also fabrics and many other products are made. Likewise, the processing, welding and gluing of plastics is part of the job description, as well as the handling of injection molding machines and thermoforming systems.

Modern machines are all computer-controlled, the programming of such machines is also the task of the Plastic Manufactures.


The most important activities at a glance:

  • Manufacture of all types of plastic products using industry standard processing techniques.
  • Equip, test, program, operate and commission modern plastics machinery and equipment.
  • Reading and applying work drawings and technical documentation.
  • Controlling and planning work processes, assessing work results, applying quality management systems.
  • Performing work in accordance with relevant safety regulations, standards and environmental standards.
  • Select, process, obtain and review required materials.
  • Chipless and machining of plastics.
  • Refining surfaces.
  • Recycling and proper disposal of residual products,
  • Capture and document technical data about the workflow and work results.
  • Identification and correction of defects.


3 semesters with a total of 475 lessons


Helpful is:
Interest in mathematics, physics and chemistry


Good preconditions are:

  • Technical understanding
  • Skilled craftsmanship
  • Good sense of machinery and equipment
  • Interest in plastics
  • Interest in chemical background knowledge
  • Good observation
  • Good concentration
  • Commitment and teamwork
  • Willingness to do shift work


Career opportunities:

  • School of Plastics Technology
  • Group Speaker, shift leader, day shift supervisor, middle and senior leadership positions

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