Apprenticeship via the second chance educational path

Take advantage of a shorter training period and the opportunity to obtain an additional apprenticeship or to catch up. In these courses, the entire theory and practice is taught, which is necessary for the final apprenticeship exam in each profession. These training courses take up about half of the time required for a regular apprenticeship.
In many cases, we are also an examination location and you can thus take the exam exactly on the machines and systems where you were trained. Our trainers are themselves examiners, work in various working groups and thus our content and scripts are always up to date. We provide our participants with an additional medium "BZL-Virtual". With this, the participant (s) can edit the necessary documents and knowledge checks online at any time 
Many companies take advantage of this training in order to specifically improve the achievement levels within the company. So you can actively respond to the prevailing shortage of skilled workers.

Courses for the following professions with final apprenticeship:


  • Chemical Process Engineer

  • Chemical Laboratory Technician

  • Process Engineer

  • Electrical Engineer (focus: plant and operating engineering)

  • Plastic molder

  • Plastics Engineer

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